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MalakandSoft & IT Solution is an experienced software development firm providing offshore software development services. Our cost-effective solutions are built specifically for organizations by utilizing an intimate understanding of their business and industry landscape. We offer rich, user friendly and robust applications in combination with any modern database system. The application can be totally standalone running in a single machine, network solutions or internet connected application.

Services include:

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Desktop Application
  • Web Application
  • Server API
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Re-engineering

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Our developers work on many research projects, some of these projects are enhancing security with image processing in smart homes, autonomous robots for distributing files among office and smart irrigation system.

Human activity recognition can be achieved with the help of monitoring cameras and image processing. Activity recognition is the process of identifying the action of a human or group of humans or any other object which has end goals.

Autonomous Robot The objective of this project is to develop a vision based software system that will enable visually impaired people to independently navigate in indoor semi-controlled environments

Smart Irrigation System Optimal distribution of water to the farms based on its soil moisture, crop stage and temperature requirement.

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Software Testing

MalakandSoft & IT Solution owe it to ourselves and to our clients to deliver the best application it can by providing Software Quality Assurance. We offer different types of software testing services from test case design to test report generation. MalakandSoft & IT Solution is experienced in Functional and nonfunctional testing. We maintain best practices in test planning, test case design, test environment creation, test case execution, bug reporting process, and finally test report generation. Services are:

  • Black box and White box Test
  • Integration Test
  • Regression Test
  • Performance Test
  • Compatibility Test
  • Data and UI Security Test
  • Load Test Software Re-engineering

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Technology Consultancy

MalakandSoft & IT Solution provides high-end and mission critical enterprise solutions meeting all customer requirements to achieve customer ultimate business goal. We offer consultancy services that span the entire IT lifecycle, from business process reengineering to software system design, development and implementation. Our consultancy services are tailored to satisfy your business requirements with the help of our individual and combined experience in design, implementation, and management of IT and communication systems around the world. Consultancy Areas

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Application Development Services
  • Mobile Development Services
  • Software Application Testing Services
  • Technical and Management Training
  • Project Management

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IT Training

MalakandSoft & IT Solution offers high-end professional trainings on cutting edge technologies. The trainings are designed and delivered by the industry experts who have expertise in the respective fields. Our basic goal of providing IT training to train professionals who will not only gain the technical skill but also achieve the working capabilities with the best tools and practices of the industry. We offer training on Programming, Test Automation, Project Management, Engineering Drawing

  • Desktop Programming
  • Android Programming
  • web Programming
  • Database
  • Software qquality Assurance
  • Project Management

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Creative Solution

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Our Latest Software

We developed software for business and school system in the advance technology to improve the business more reliable and efficient.

Welcome to Msoft

MalakandSoft & IT Solution

Thank you for your interest in MalakandSoft & IT Solution. We are living in the era of Information Technology. There is no need to describe the importance and significance of the widespread use of software systems. There is always a demand for custom software as each business has its own requirement.

Firstly, the ideas and principles of software engineering are not implemented everywhere. For the changing nature of requirements and complexity of enterprise applications, we must consider good adaptability.

The second most distressing issue is improper architecture, substandard design and non-professional coding, resulting in many scalability, performance and security issues. We are keen in these issues at MalakandSoft & IT Solution. We have defined our development standards for project management, methodologies, project templates for different requirements, reusable libraries, coding and naming standards according to industry standards and best practices.

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Our team comprises skilled programmers and researchers in Database applications, Image processing and virtual reality

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